What is black hole theory?

Black holes are most captivating objects in outer space. This place is so much dense and has strong gravitational acceleration that even no particles or light can escape from it. Albert Einstein first predicted black holes in 1916. He proposed general theory of relativity in which he predicted that a tightly packed mass could deform space-time to form a black hole. After so many theoretical statements related to this object, black hole was first discovered physically in 1971.

Intense attraction:

Black hole has so intense attraction towards objects and consists of three layers, singularity and event horizon. Event horizon is the boundary of black hole through which no radiation even light can escape. Objects can only enter and vanish through this line. General theory of relativity predicts that when a particle enters in black hole’s boundary, path followed by particle takes it towards mass and it finds no way to get away from it. Shape of event horizon is spherical for static black holes while it is oblate for rotating black holes.

Huge Mass:

These simple immovable black holes contains huge mass but no kind of electric charge. The are vacuum solutions with spherical symmetry. Consequently, there is no defined distinction of gravitational zone of such objects with same mass like blackholes. A famous saying “suck in everything” that associated with black holes is implacable only in the vicinity of a black hole. The outer gravitational zone of is similar to any other objects with identical mass. Some theories narrate existence of common black holes. The most common immobile black hole represents an object comprising of angular momentum and electric charge.

In space time, singularity the single point having zero volume in the inner region of black hole where all the mass is concentrated. According to the general theory of relativity, it is the point where curvature becomes infinity and contains all the mass of black hole solution having infinite density. When objects enter the event horizon, tidal forces and when they reach to singularity continuously tear them apart, their mass joined to the solution of black hole and they smashed to infinite density.

How Black Hole Formed?

A giant star ends followed by supernova process and rest of the corpus breakdowns beneath the energy of peculiar gravity. After the whole progression is concluded, black hole formed with a size ranging from five and fifty times compared to the mass of the sun. This short story flops to narrate the origin of huge massive black holes, which vary with to size of around ten billions times the mass of sun. These giants are existent in the middle of all galaxies of universe. Some of these appeared after the Big Bang, with an approximate period of seven hundred million years. In terms of cosmogonic process, that’s fraction of a second, not even near to duration of birth of a star, form a black hole and consume sufficient mass to become massive.

How AI is related to Galaxies and Black hole?

A space telescope is used to see distant objects. When a black hole or galaxy comes between a faraway light source and an observer on earth, light bends around the space and creates a gravitational lens. This lens is used to see distant objects of universe. Above all, it is slow and tiring. To facilitate this quest of exploring universe, AI is playing extraordinary role in locating black hole and galaxies to explore never seen things. Images taken from telescope can be scanned using AI methods to focus of precise information. Moreover, we can keep track of radio galaxies; cause emission of strong radio jets results in formation of huge black holes.

Many astronomer used techniques of AI to remove the blurriness of visual data captured from telescope in order to improve resolution for more information. To achieve this target, the developed a neural network that generates numerous modifications of the data being studied for example, forging model trained enough to imitate writing style of famous writer. These networks are known as Generative Adversarial Networks used to produce forged faces by utilizing the face characteristics of different celebrities. Furthermore, these networks have been employed for generation of fake audio using the semantics from audio of source subject and converting it to voice properties of target person. In addition to this, other data domains like text and images have been utilized by GANs to generate respective datatypes. These networks have opened new doors in AI research and seems to have information, which was missing before the development of these networks.


Researcher are prudent about amalgam of artificial intelligence and astronomy. Nevertheless, it destroys the basic rules of science i.e. someone can only learn about the surrounding by looking at it. Some of the astronomers worried that it could dangerous thing considering sufficient training data and accuracy. Hence, one can train a network to produce data for the black holes leading to study the portion of sky that has not been observed so far. Then, if the intelligent networks suggest the presence of black hole at unobserved part, astronauts can assure this using their tools like gravitational lenses. Along with scientific methods, strong testing techniques also required to confirm the accuracy of information.


These intelligent methods prove beneficial, as they lead to very new technique of survey along with conventional techniques and out of date methods.  Currently, it is at the commencement edge but reward could be big.  With this AI tool, we can utilize the existent data of the database and apply it to gather significant scientific information; information that was missing before. AI would be playing the role of a kind of pseudo-science, assisting people to turn the raw data to new useful facts.  In addition, people will be capable of exploring the space and Astrophysics like never happened before, without even leave behind the globe. To recapitulate, the world of artificial intelligence is assisting the globe in all perspectives.


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