Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Technology: From cave dweller society to postmodern society, humans are in a state of struggle to achieve the unachievable. It was the time when people used to live in caves, and they defend themselves from the big muscle beasts with the help of sticks and fire. At this contemporary time, no nation uses sticks and fire flames to get rid of the enemies. Although predators are no more our enemies but survival of fittest, occupancy of resources, and lust for power have created new forms of enemies.

Figure 1 : AI in Nuclear Technology

Technological advancement has brought us at this stage where Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Technology) is playing a role in every walk of life. Nuclear mass destruction weapons is one of the accomplishments of AI that can bring humanity on the verge of extinction in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, nuclear weapons ensure a line of defense against foreign aggression. That’s how it swings on both sides. But AI is bringing humanity on the cusp of danger because AI induce capacity in a machine to make human-like decisions.

Many believe that It is a process towards the improvisation of technology if AI is induced in Nuclear Technology and dart. The international community encourages the use of Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Technology for the betterment of humanity. In this regard, one of the best use of AI should be for the production of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is a safer option as compared to fossil fuel energy, but high risks are involved in it. AI can help us to reduce the involved risks. lets just brace yourself and pledge into details.

Use of AI in Nuclear Power Plant?

First question that prompts in mind that; what is AI? Understanding AI will erode lots of confusion while understanding ”AI in Nuclear Power Plant.” Let’s just dive deep into the AI concept first.

AI is a theory which gives the capacity to machine to make decision such as human. But how can a machine decide; what is the right option? It’s a vision that makes humans entirely different from machines. What if, we give this ability to machine? Well! Machines can make decisions like humans do. I think this piece of information is more than enough to understand the main topic. Let’s just get back to the main topic.

Nuclear Power Plant is like a thermal power plant in which nuclear reactors are used for heat instead of fossil fuel. Working there is highly risky for health because of high-frequency radiations. People who work there, they have high chances of getting cancer disease. For this reason, AI-based robots are used to reduce the risk. AI also assists in various ways in Nuclear power plants. Such as it helps to finds cracks, dumping the radioactive waste, finding any anomaly, shutting down a power plant in case of emergency. That’s why I can infer that AI can play a productive role in nuclear power plants.

Benefits of AI in Nuclear Power Plant

AI is playing its role in every walk of life. What human can do by hand, AI also can do those things too. As for its function in Nuclear Power Plant is concerned, it assists in many ways.

Following are the benefits of AI in Nuclear Power plants.

Finds crack in Reactor

Reactor is the most important part of Nuclear Power Plant. Reactor failure can cause huge catastrophic. Reactor failure occur due to crack in it. If we detect it earlier then we can mitigate the chances of nuclear havoc. Earlier crack detection can saves the employees life too. In this regard, AI can play its active role to detect the crack in reactor. That’s how AI can avoid the nuclear accident.

Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear radiation are very harmful for health. Radiation can cause cancer, thyroid problems, make bones fragile etc. Employees who work at nuclear sites, although they wear safety suits, still they absorb radiation on daily basis. AI can assist in this regard as well. Instead of using manpower in vulnerable areas, we can use AI based robots that will only need minimum human assistant. We can also control robots remotely.

Instant Action

If any anomaly is detected in nuclear power plant then it becomes very hectic and risky to take immediate action because of high risk involvement and instant manual calculation. Wearing safety suits and calculating the chances of life lose take time. We can minimize the delay with the help of AI. AI can calculate chances of life lose and AI-based robots can take immediate action to avoid any anomaly due to rapid calculating capacity.

AI Activeness

Laziness of employees can cause huge havoc. If any anomaly occurs during during shift change time, then there are greater chances of lose. It’s billion dollar fact that man can’t perform without rest. Man needs some rest to get his energy and consciousness back. Besides these there are other factors that remained intermingled with human life such as stress, anxiety, work load pressure etc. These things hamper the progress. To counter this, We can introduce AI that has nothing to do with anxiety, stress and work load. It needs no rest to get its consciousness back.

Remote Actions

As we are all aware of that, we can’t control someone remotely so he may perform our actions according to our desire and requirements. But AI helps us, in this regard, to control robots remotely that can perform actions according to our desires and requirements for which they have been trained. AI also helps us to see real time scenarios and problems when we are at home. So we can say that AI enables machines or computer system take intelligent decisions if something goes beyond AI control then AI can give remote control to humans.

Involved Risk Factors

It’s good approach to discuss benefits and Risk of AI along because it gives better intuition about the role of AI in Nuclear Power plants. AI is not a risk free approach. Sometimes AI makes the situations more worse. Past decade witnessed that AI becomes vulnerable if there is any loophole present in programming. So We can’t totally relay on AI.

I’m going to discuss few major risk factors that are involved in the following subsections.

Programming Loopholes

There are always chances of loopholes presence in program because doing error is innate in humans. If there is a loophole present in program that is not dealt in exception then there are chances of disaster. So I can say that We can’t eliminate all risk factors by inducing AI in Nuclear Power Plants.

System’s Hardware Failure

System’s Hardware failure is always possible. We can’t eliminate this risk completely. Although we can reduce this risk by planting alternative backup but backup will also remain prone to this vulnerabilities. Short switching, processor failure, supply line issue and input devices failure are the major setbacks. It is impossible to alleviate this risk completely.

False Prediction

It is an established fact that one error leads towards wrong direction. We can say that system always can’t generate accurate results. In a critical situation, single mistake can lead to complete disaster. One error prediction can also lead to loss of human life. Up-gradation is a way forward approach that can bring down error possibilities.

Cyber Attack

AI can’t eliminate the risk of cyber attack. Couple of days ago, There was a rhetoric about cyber attack on Indian nuclear power plant. Although government officials have nullified this rhetoric but it tells us the vulnerabilities. AI can create internet firewall but it can’t assure the complete protection. So I can infer that AI can’t assure fool proof system.

AI application in Nuclear Technology

AI has wide range of application in Nuclear Technology.It span from agriculture use to space exploration. In this article I’m going to discuss important AI application in Nuclear Technology (Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Technology).

International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) has proposed safe use of Nuclear technologies. Most widely used technologies in which we can induce AI are the followings.


According to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), We can use Nuclear Technology for agricultural activities to increase the food production and counter the malnutrition. In this regard, AI-based equipment can be used to kill harmful insects, bacteria, bugs, and other harmful organisms.


Nuclear Technologies can also be used for medical purpose such as treatment of cancer. AI-based Nuclear Technology can be used to direct exact amount of radiation on cancer tumor.

Space Exploration

Nuclear Technologies are used to dig deep into space exploration. With the help of AI and Nuclear Technologies, We can explore the outer surface of earth. Most prominent things which are studies with the help of these are; study of soil structure, finding the traces of water etc.

Water Desalination

UN has enforced law about clean drinking water. According to UN, availability of clean drinking water is right of everyone. UN had showed green signal for the use of Nuclear Technology (Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Technology) to clean water from toxic materials. AI based system helps to maintain the minimum amount of minerals presence in water and also removes unhygienic minerals from water.

Measurement of Nitrogen uptake in plant

Two sub bodies of UN, IAEA and Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), work in partnership to assist member states to use Nuclear Technologies in safe hands. Excessive amount of up take by plants make plants unhygienic. AI based equipment are used to measure the traces of nitrogen to save time.

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear power plants are used for electric energy production. To reduced the risks and increase the overall functions of machine robots and other AI-based devices are used.


Artificial Intelligence(AI) (Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Technology) is shaping the world in a new dimension. It has lots of benefits and lots of risks involved which inculcate the idea for further improvement. On the one hand it helps to reduce the risk involved in nuclear power plants on the other hand it creates some risk in different dimensions. By and large, AI is a success but there is a room for improvements.

Last but not least, neither we should be optimist nor pessimist, we must have to grasp ground realities. Because being a realist let us see things the way things should be perceived. In this prospective we can assess that AI can’t predict future precisely but can give guess. Although human has accomplished a lot but still human is unable to predict future by keep back track records. So, it won’t be wrong to say, We can connect the past dots to predict our present but we can’t connect past dots to know our future. Precisely,No one knows what our future holds? lets just hope for the best.

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