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artificial intelligence


Unemployment Due to Artificial Intelligence: Although artificial intelligence (AI) is the cause of increasing productivity dramatically, it is affecting social life in many ways. It is noted that with the advent of automatic machines the rate of unemployment is increasing at a very high rate. Since the start of the first industrial revolution, technology has become an alarm for workers. Robotics and machines take over human labor which ultimately caused the joblessness throughout the globe. For example, with the advent of wireless technology and advancement in the telephone industry, 257,000 telephone switchboard operators were dropped from 1970 to 1996.

With the development of internet and digital computers, jobs in newspapers, printing press, advertisement industry, and typewriters have been reduced at a very high rate. Similarly, a lot of music stores have been closed and it has become very difficult for cinemas to gather the people in one place. Moreover, AI and the internet have connected the people on the world wide web and travelers do not need to be present at the booking station for booking the tickets which have become the cause of closing travel agencies. AI has affected many sections of life some are listed below with a brief discussion and examples.

Unemployment Due to Artificial Intelligence: “Sections where AI replaces Human

The monotonous tasks now can be automated easily. This has made certain labor work outdated. Some of the sections where AI is changing the traditional ways of working and minimizing the manpower are listed below.

Customer Care:

Customer care or call centers are greatly being affected because of AI. Many companies are providing online consultancy to their customers for real-time problems. Traditionally, this is done by the call centers where a number of call agents remain online to deal with any query from customers. But with the inventions of AI, this can be done by smart algorithms and researchers have invented intelligent chatbots capable of dealing with customer’s problems just like a human. Because of this several employes in call centers have become jobless.


Software engineers are doing their best to develop smart chatbots to facilitate the patients. These chatbots will be capable of recommending medicine after analyzing the symptoms of diseases. If these chatbots become more efficient then there is not any doubt that in near future doctors will be looking for a better opportunity. Similarly, AI in robotics has also changed the old ways of surgery. Now there are many noninvasive methods of surgery that are being used for doing surgery more precisely and efficiently. Moreover, surgeons are working to do operations remotely with the help of these robots. Ultimately, it will also reduce the need for specialists in hospitals as well.  

Content Moderation:

AI has abandoned content moderation centers. Now there are intelligent algorithms that are performing the task of content management. Big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. are using machine learning techniques to filter the unwanted content on their sites.  This is the cause of the reduction in content moderation jobs because now all the manual work can be done automatically using competent software.

Content Management

Previously it was all upon the content writers to search content from different books and write on websites. But today AI has made it possible to find out content from a book automatically related to any topic. Moreover, there are plenty of articles and blogs that are minimizing the efforts of content writers while searching for the material related to a specific topic. That’s why now one person can work in the place of a large staff as compared to old times.


Researchers are now working on making automatic vehicles and transportation systems. These automatic vehicles will be able to map their trajectory and make a decision as per their environment. Moreover, intelligent algorithms can sense the environment and derive the vehicle safely without the manpower. This self-driven vehicle will reduce the need for professionals like car drivers, sailors, and pilots. In addition to this automatic ticketing system has already vacant the ticket booking offices.

Electronic Commerce:

E-commerce is one of the examples of online shopping. In this system, one can order anything through the internet, and companies use courier services for shipping the goods to the doorsteps of customers. This procedure of delivery is going to be changed soon. Different companies are developing drones to perform this task. These autonomous drones will use AI algorithms for following their trajectory. In this way, companies will not be dependent on a human for delivering their goods to customers. If this trend goes up then it will increase unemployment in this sector as well.


There is immense research done by the research in making artificially intelligent system to teach the students just like a human. For example, virtual assistant software gets verbal commands from the user and do the task as per commands. This software is under research and scientist are improving so that it can work just like human teachers. Ultimately, it will be a huge breakthrough in the education sector as it will decrease the demand for teachers in schools and colleges. This decrease in demand will raise unemployment.

Unemployment Due to Artificial Intelligence: “Areas where AI is replacing human work

Almost all the fields of life are being affected by AI. However, some of the areas where AI is directly affecting the human and replaced the human are listed below.


Courier services are being replaced by robots and drones. many companies are using drones for shipping the goods. Several courier people have been fired from their companies because they are replaced by AI drones and robots. It is expected that this space will grow up more in a few years.

Information Technology:

The ways of working in the IT industry itself are changing at a very high pace. Different software has been developed to overcome the need for professionals in the IT industry. For example, traditionally we need IT, special persons, for testing the software but after the development of software for testing the software, the demand for quality insurance specialists has decreased.

Real Estate:

Traditionally, the real state had very important while purchasing land or home. But with the development in the field of Information Technology, we can view any home online using our mobile phones. Not only we can visualize but also we can purchase and do dealing by sitting at our place. This has eliminated the place of a middle person like a real state advisor or dealer. 

Effect on Workplace and People

AI is helping the workers in the offices in many ways. Like doctors can get advice from the drug discovery software while suggesting a medicine to patients and can check its counter effects on patient’s health. Similarly, the common public can do a lot of work without the help of professionals. Like it was not an easy task to edit videos and pictures a few years back. But now one can easily edit and make videos as per their requirements.

To put everything in nutshell, there is not any double that AI has eased everyone’s life, but it has long term drawbacks in the form of unemployment in every sector of life.

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