google and machine learning
google and machine learning

Does Google use machine learning? : Google is the master of all. It takes benefit of gadget studying algorithms and gives clients a valuable and personalized revel in. Machine getting to know is already embedded in its services like Gmail, Google seeks, and google maps.

“Device studying is a middle, transformative manner through which we’re rethinking how we’re doing the whole lot. We’re thoughtfully making use of it across all our products, be it seek, ads, YouTube, or play. And we’re in the early days, but you may see us — in a systematic manner – follow system gaining knowledge of in these kinds of regions.”

Google and machine learning


Have you ever think how the mails in Gmail are classified as promotional, social, or primary and how these emails are labeled, this is where the machine learning comes in. The user interference is used to tune to its threshold. When a user marks a mail or message inconsistent direction, Gmail itself takes a real-time increment to its threshold and that’s how Gmail learns for future and later uses those results for classification.

2. Google search and google maps

Google Search and Google Maps use Machine Learning too. When you start typing in the search bar it automatically counts on what you might be looking for and provides suggested search results and terms. The suggestions could be based on past searches and your previous experience of search, what is trendy now, or where you are at the time.

Google Assistant

Siri is a virtual assistant for apple phones after that Google Assistant is a new example of Machine Learning for Android users, helping you with everyday routine tasks. Assistant makes it easy to buy online movie tickets while on the go, to find a perfect hotel for your family to take a quick bite before the movie starts, and then help you navigate to the cinema. Nowadays, Google Assistant is pre-installed on the new Google Pixel phones. The older Google phones have an earlier version called Google Now.

Google Translate

We have all used Google Translate at some point for language translation. It’s free of cost, fast, and gives a generally exact translation of a word, sentence, or paragraph that we come across in another language. While it gives not 100% accurate results, especially for larger text or some specific languages, it can provide you with a general meaning of a given native language text. The Google Translate works using statistical machine translation (SMT), where computers analyze millions of existing translated documents from the web to learn vocabulary and recognize patterns in a language. and google translate then selects the most statistically probable translation when asked to translate a new chunk of text.

Google Photos

The Google Photos application allows its users to create a back up for their photos and images from multiple devices in a central location, while you also save pictures of the same people or objects into managed groups. It will do those tasks without any effort, creating an album that collects photos taken during a specific period, such as on vacation and other events, organized into an album of showing the “best” photos from the tour. Those pictures will also be tagged with well-known locations they depict and the person that appear frequently.

Google Music

Spotify is the best option for stream music online. It is new but recommends best songs. Spotify and Google Music (music streaming services) both have thirty million-plus songs available for streaming. Spotify gives permission to its users to add the ultimately 10K tracks from its tracklist. While with Google Play Music, you are able to handle up to 50K own songs without making any subscription. But Google Play Music creates recommendations using machine learning based on what you’re already listening to. So now you can listen to the music you have played in the past days, music depending on your feelings or music that Google play suggests.

Google Speech Recognition

The speech recognition feature enables the user to convert audio to text by applying powerful neural network models and natural language processing (NLP). Presently, the API recognizes 120 languages and its branches to support worldwide users. Through this voice, command-and-control can be enabled and the audio can be translating from the call centers. Also, the processing of real-time data can be done. Starting from streaming to pre-recorded audio, speech recognition has mastered it all and all credits can be given to Google’s machine learning technology.

Google Reverse Image Search

I was searching for Image search and I realize that it came into existence because of JLO. It was introduced on July 12, 2001, due to a demand for pictures of Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress. This demand was so vast that the regular Google search couldn’t control the situation and the platform was flooded. Continuously different features were introduced and later on in 2011, reverse image search functionality was added to it. Image search creates sections that you might be looking for. With the image search, it becomes very easy to search for related images. It also helps to find the websites that consist of these images and the other sizes of the picture you searched with. This all done due to Computer vision and Machine learning.

Google Adsense

With the help of machine learning algorithms, Google crawls the users’ search history. With the help of that history, it suggests the advertisement to the user as now its aware of its target market. It’s totally based on the search history data and machine learning helps Google to accomplish this. It created a win-win situation. With Google AdSense, the website owners earn money from their online content, and AdSense works by matching keywords and display ads to the site based on the content and the guest.

Google Adwords

With the help of machine learning, Google Ads has helped the advertisers or advertising agencies to pay to display short advertisements. With that service offering, product catalogs, video content have also come into the picture. Then, the mobile application installs within the Google ad network to the web users and android app users were also common.


Now, you must be familiar with the amazing ways by which Google uses machine learning. With all these technologies and applications of machine learning, work and life have become very easy and beneficial. With access to user data, Google has become very powerful and is enabling new solutions for our daily life problems in this modern age.

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