Confirmed cases in Pakistan

Pakistan – Total Tests & Total Confirmed Cases

Confirmed cases in Pakistan

The very first case in Pakistan:

The first case of COVID-19 in Pakistan was confirmed on 26 February 2020. Initially, Pakistan has the very low testing capacity and limited resources to cope up with the situation. As of 17 March 2020, Pakistan has only 25,000 PCR based testing kits when total cases were over 240, and over 1100 tests were conducted. To successfully contain COVID-19 rigorous testing is needed. Pakistan has significantly increased daily testing capacity from a few hundred in mid-March to 6,400 on April 17. However, experts term the response insufficient for a population of 220 million.

Confirmed cases in Pakistan

The government seeks to increase the number of tests conducted to 20,000 a day by the end of May, according to Health Minister Zafar Mirza. So far, Pakistan has conducted a total of 4,14,254 COVID-19 tests (as of May 19). The WHO daily situation report, dated May 8, places the country’s total testing capacity for the deadly virus at 16,596. Punjab has highest testing capacity of 5810, Sindh has 5000, Islamabad has 2756, KPK has 1788, Balochistan has 894 while Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir has 188 and 160 testing capacity per day, respectively.

Comparison with other countries

A comparison of tests conducted by some countries which successfully controlled the COVID-19 outbreak. Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea are among the few countries which effectively contained the outbreak. They managed to maintain the least number of cases and deaths by aggressive testing, contact tracing and isolating patients. By 14 May 2020, WHO situation report, Vietnam (population of 97.3M) has 312 total cases and no deaths, Taiwan (population of 23.8M) has 440 cases and 7 deaths, South Korea (population of 51.26M) has 10,991 cases and 260 deaths and Singapore (population of 58.5M) has 25,346 total cases and 21 deaths. Pakistan on the other hand with a very large population and comparatively fewer resources is struggling to combat COVID-19. Pakistan has now 50,694 cases with 15,201 recoveries and 1067 deaths.

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