Transmission of COVID 19 in Pakistan
Transmission of COVID 19 in Pakistan

Overall Transmission of COVID 19 in Pakistan

In Late February 2020, the first few cases of COVID-19 have just been confirmed in Pakistan. All of those patients have a travel history of Iran, China, London, and Syria. By 13 March 2020, there were 28 total cases in Pakistan and all of them had recently traveled internationally. On 13 March, the first locally transmitted case reported in Sindh as the patient had recently traveled from Islamabad.

Government of Pakistan

The government of Pakistan had initially closed its borders with Iran on Feb 23 to contain the virus. As the virus had spread in some provinces of Iran, especially in those areas where the mass gathering of pilgrims of the Shia community occurred. Later, the government committed the grave mistake of reopening the Taftan border after 14 days. This allowed thousands of our pilgrims to enter Pakistan without completing their mandatory 14-day quarantine in Iran.

This resulted in a huge surge in coronavirus-infected people, and from a few infected people, we now have over 1500 infected people in the country affected only from Iran.

Another mass gathering that took place in Raiwind caused a huge increase in the number of cases in Pakistan. Raiwind in the city of Lahore acts as the headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan, an evangelical organization that promotes proselytism by all its members. On 10 March, a congregation of the organization took place in Raiwind Markaz and resulted as a corona virus super-spreader event with more than 3000 confirmed cases linked to it reported across the country so far. The transmission of COVID-19 in each province of Pakistan has been presented. The data in the charts have been updated by 10 May 2020. It is evident that, however, the mismanagement in handling these two mass gatherings caused the initial outbreak in Pakistan but lack of seriousness in following the directions given by the government regarding social distancing and lockdown caused greater damage[1]


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