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The use of Internet of Things in Artificial Intelligence

What is Internet of Things (IOT)?

Internet of Things in Artificial Intelligence is defining as the capability of connecting the computing and the networking devices. These connectivity is not only restricted to the electronics appliances, but also extended towards the objects and the everyday items. These devices, objects and the items are capable of generating the data, exchange between the data, processing of the data and then make decisions based on the processing of the data with the minimum human involvement. The idea of controlling the electronic devices and the appliances with the trio of computing, sensor and the networking technology is present since decades. However, the recent industrialist revolution and the technology trends brings the Internet of Things in a pervasive reality.

Approximately, 15 years ago computers are entered into our homes as so of the internet. At that time computer and internet is just only the luxury, but with the passage of time currently it becomes the necessity of every human. The human is now surrounded with the internet of things so the development in the internet of things enables you to incorporate the internet into every field of life like home, offices, travelling, shop and factory etc, therefore, In short internet of things (IOT) is the new and emerging technology for social, technical and economical significance.

Figure 1 : Significance of IOT

Role of Internet of Things in Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things in Artificial Intelligence both are the emerging fields and have a strong bound with each other therefore, the intersection of both the fields provide the various type of solutions in current information technology market. Machine Learning is defining as the field of the artificial intelligence which is used machine enough capable that it behaves and act like a real human brain. So, basically machine learning automates the human behaviour into the machines using different artificial intelligence behaviour. Artificial Intelligence have capability to translate the all things which a human can do like speech recognition, vision translation into text, semantic analysis of the textual data etc.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning have been utilized

Different techniques like Machine Learning and Deep Learning have been utilized for this purpose. These techniques are the sub branches of the artificial intelligence domain. We can also perform the analysis on the large scale data using the Data Science techniques which is also the domains of the Artificial Intelligence. Whereas, the Internet of Things is the technology which enable the machine to connect with the world of the internet for generating and exchanging the data with computing and non-computing devices.

As in IOT several computing and non-computing devices generating data. The generated data are mostly in the non-structured form and have no Structure Query Language Format. This means that the central computing device requires a lot of computation task for the processing of the raw data into the useful information which was generated by the several devices connected to it.

After the artificial intelligence came into existence

 Now after the artificial intelligence came into existence, different technologies like Machine to Machine Communication, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Reinforcement learning enables the machine to work on the abstractive data. The amalgamation of the artificial intelligence with the internet of things helps to process the data so quickly and gives the real time responses on the connected devices where the human can respond quickly.   

Comparison of IOT with AI?

It is true that currently there is a revolution of internet of things (IOT) devices, and this process is continuing all over the world. The artificial intelligence can play a vital role in (IOT) in terms of efficiency and accuracy. In this section, we investigate the how the integration of both the technologies can help the information technology industry in the future. According to the statistics, share of the artificial intelligence into the global market is approximately $9.51 billion, and looking on the circumstances and trends of the people around the world it is predicted to increase $14.69 in 2019. These statistics have been depicted in figure 2 as shown below.

Figure 2 : Statistics of Market Analysis of Artificial Intelligence

The figure 2 revealed the predicted revenue generation of the software industry of artificial intelligence market from 2019 to 2025 in billion US dollars.

Internet of things (IOT)

 Now, if we talk about the internet of things (IOT) devices, the statistics shows the users connected with the internet of things in 2019 is 26.66 billion, which will tend to increase to 76.66 billion in 2025. These statistics have been shown in figure 3.

Figure 3 : Number of IOT Devices Connected Worldwide 2018-2025

From the above statistics of both Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, we can easily perceive that both AI and IOT are fast growing, emerging and digital technologies all over the world. In today’s world, it is not possible that the technology gains popularity and growth seldom and lonely. The strong bound and connection between the technologies helps the industry to build the more accurate and efficient solutions for the community. In case of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things both technologies have strong bound and connections, and the amalgamation of both the technologies will be helpful for providing the good solution to the information technology industry.

Applications of AI in IOT?

Both Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things have capability to automate the various industrial process. Followings are some of the examples which is built by the combination of the both processes.

AI and IOT enabled smart Home

In home, various electronics devices like Fridge, Deep Freezer, Microwave Oven, Electric Supply, Water Supply and Security System are connected to the internet of things with the help of the sensors and internet. Here artificial intelligence, work and act as the data analysis, data prediction and decision making in order to make instant and real time response on the IOT connected devices.

Figure 4 : IOT and AI enabled Home Automation

AI and IOT enabled smart cities

The concept of smart cities also gaining the popularity just like the smart homes. In smart cities, different tasks like intelligent transport system (ITS), waste management system, drainage management system, parking management system, smart grids, railway and road management system, safety and the security of the whole city is some of the major task which have been done with help of both Internet of things and artificial intelligence to make the city smart.

Figure 5 : IOT and AI enabled Smart City

AI and IOT enabled Health Care Industry

Healthcare industry is very vast and have the huge number of stakeholders associated to it. IOT   and AI enabled wearable devices and technologies are going to change the whole scenario of the healthcare industry. The vast amount of the data has been generated through IOT with the help of the wearable devices. Therefor to look deep insight on the data generated by IOT devices AI algorithms and tools will help by giving the predictions and analysis of data. On the basis of predictions and analysis we can make decisions through which we improve the services which are directly related to health care industry.

Figure 6 : IOT and AI enabled Healthcare Industry


Internet of things connected with the several machines present in the network that communicate with each other and generates data. This large amount of data forms a Big Data. For deeply look into the data Artificial Intelligence algorithms will be helpful. By using the AI algorithms, we extract the useful and meaningful information from the raw data. There exist the reciprocal benefits of using the both AI and IOT technology. There are lot of domains of business and industry which can take advantage of using the both technologies.



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