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What is Big Data Science and AI?

What is Big Data Science and AI? Big data science is the branch of artificial intelligence. A multidisciplinary approach that includes the different functions and operations. That performed on the specific data to get the predictive and informative analysis from it. By using the different machine learning and deep learning approaches. The basic idea behind data science is to find the hidden pattern and structure of data, to get useful information from it. 

Basically, data science revolved around the four to five Vs as shown in Figure 1. These Vs include the volume, variety, velocity, veracity, and value. Basically, data science is concerned with both structural and unstructured data and it includes all steps of data preparation, data cleaning, and data analysis. In short, we can say that data science the branch of artificial intelligence which the combination of the programming concepts, mathematical operations, statistical functions and the different problem-solving techniques which as a whole used to acquire, clean, pre-process and analysis of the data. 

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Figure 1: Data Science covering five v’s

What is Big Data Science and AI?

Artificial intelligence is the revolutionary and the emerging field of computer science. What is Big Data Science and AI? It predicted that artificial intelligence will overcome all the problems of existing branches of computer science in the coming years. This will be the thread and also a good opportunity for the entities associated with the information technology field. Artificial Intelligence defined as the process of simulating human behavior into the machines and the computer system.  The automation of the machines based on human intelligence includes the following steps; which are learning, reasoning and based on these observations take the self-correction. Artificial Intelligence based algorithm initially used in 1956. But currently, there a boom of the artificial intelligence-based algorithms and techniques.

This is due to the availability of the large scale of the training data, algorithms, and techniques with good accuracy, and good computation power. Artificial intelligence makes possible for the machines to learn from past experiences, and give the predictions on the new pints based on the learning of the data, to perform the human-like intelligence. Artificial Intelligence used different algorithms and techniques to solve these problems. Till now, artificial intelligence based on the three different phases. The first phase based on the rules.

Trained the machine on all possible rules

We have trained the machine on all possible rules available to solve the specific problem. The drawback of this technique is that it only works well on the conditions which will be programmed to it. It shows not good performance on the unseen data. The second phase of artificial intelligence is machine learning. Although machine learning has achieved good accuracy, but at that time we have not good computation power and large data acquisition resources. That’s why we did not get the state of the art results on machine learning approaches. The third and the last phase is deep learning, which is the state of the art technique till now. Due to the human brain like the structure of the deep learning algorithms, and the availability of the good computation power and the large scale dataset, it has succeeded to achieve the state of the art accuracy.    

Importance of Big Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The era of the manual task like to maintain the records on typical files and registers is now over. Current decay is of the 4th industrialist revolution, in which everything which a human can do is moved towards the machines by automating them through injecting the human-like intelligence to it. A search on Google, YouTube, your scanning data on the web, data on the social media sides, in short, all data on the world wide web are unanimously gathered, analyzed and monetarized by the concerned authority. To analyze this large amount of data, one should have the large computation power and those algorithms which automatically perform analysis on the stored data. Because manual analysis of this data requires hundreds of years or maybe more.

Artificial intelligence-based techniques like deep learning and machine learning provide us with the state of art accuracies on the specific problem. So, the amalgamation of data science, computation power, and Artificial intelligence-based algorithms provide us with real-time and accurate analysis of the desired data. 

Combination of AI and Big Data in industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data (BD) are emerging technologies that are jointly empowering the industry to automate their industrial processes while ensuring economical and best quality solutions. BD provides efficient techniques for managing and processing a large amount of data in a systematic and structured way. Along with BD management and processing support, AI provides techniques to learn, infer or extract useful knowledge from existing data to provide insight for correcting and improving the industrial processes based on solid reasons and justifications.

There are several application areas in which both AI and BD are currently being applied and showing outstanding results like education, transport, health care, finance, entertainment, manufacturing, data securing, automotive industry, etc. All industrial applications can be categorized into five main classes which are Reasoning, Knowledge, Planning, Communication, and Perception. For example, in the retail business, AI and BD outstandingly performing in all business process areas. This ranges from customer identification to provide them customized and finished end products.

Future of AI and Big Data

Artificial intelligence the branch of computer science which used to automate the computer in such a way. Thus it can perform the task like the human. Artificial intelligence is basically to transfer human intelligence to computer machines. Currently, the automation makes the human dependence on the machines. The reason behind is accuracy and time efficiency. In some cases, machines can do double than human work in less time with high accuracy. Currently, artificial intelligence is assorted into two major fields. The first one is machine learning and the other one is deep learning. These algorithms work on the same algorithms on which human work. Like deep learning based on the neural network which is designed on the bases of the human brain structure. 

But the accuracy of these algorithms directly associated with the availability and the cleaning of the data related to the problem solved. So it proved that artificial intelligence does not work without good data. If there is not good data, there are no quality results. Whereas, big data refers to the techniques of acquiring, cleaning and pre-processing the data. So both big data and artificial intelligence have concordance with each other. And the independent existence of each technology does not have much impact. 


What is Big Data Science and AI? The combination of AI and DB is empowering the industry. As well as individuals to improve the way of doing work for improving the standards of life. There are several industrial problems which addressed with the help of AI and DB techniques. There is no question that BD provides an efficient way of managing and processing a large amount of multi-dimensional data but the reasoning, knowledge inferencing, learning and self-correcting do require specialized techniques from the domain of AI-based techniques like machine learning, deep learning, etc. Conclusively, the industry can take significant benefit if industrial automation is achieved by deploying solutions that are developed on the basis of the reasonable merger of both AI and BD.



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