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Human Intelligence Simulation via machines. Artificial Intelligence process data on the basics of information and decide situational decision using intelligence like human.

Word Embedding

Word2Vec Model for Word Embedding

In the previous post, we discussed that every word in the input sentence is represented with the vectors of numeric values (called word embedding) before feeding it to the computer for various natural language...
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing – Intro to Word Representations and Language Modeling

Natural Language Processing The emergence of deep learning technologies has revolutionized many areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) such as sentiment analysis, question answering, text classification, named entity recognition, etc. In sentiment analysis, a...
What Is a Chatbot

What Is a Chatbot? How do Chatbots Work?

What Is a Chatbot? A chatbot is a computer program that mimics human communication through voice commands or text chats or both. However, A chatbot is a short, artificial intelligence (AI) feature for Chatbot that...
Neural Networks

What are Neural Networks? Types of Neural Networks

What are Neural Networks? Neural networks also called artificial neural networks (ANNs) or artificial neural networks (SNNs), are a subset of machine learning and are centers of deep learning algorithms. Their names and structures are...
AI in Astronomy

AI in Astronomy | Artificial Intelligence and Astronomy

AI in Astronomy Concept of AI in Astronomy: Many peoples are as fascinated by Artificial intelligence as astronomers are, some find it a mystery and some an annoyance. With the creation of appropriate computer software,...
AI in Graphic Designing

AI in Graphic Designing – AI and Graphics

What is AI in Graphic Designing? AI in Graphics Designing: Graphic design is a craft where professionals are ready for visual content to convey messages. Visual ratings and page layout using the techniques, designer’s consumer...
AI in Pharma Industry

Use of AI in Pharma Industry

AI in Pharma Industry AI is use to understand data from clinical trials, another use of AI in the Pharma Industry is to find patients. Is Pharmacy ready for AI? In today’s pharmacy, we already have the...
ai in data security

The Role of AI in Data Security

AI in Data Security AI in Data Security: AI technologies use by IBM Watson and are helping other organizations improve data security and cyber-attack. The technology algorithm focuses on detecting vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the...
AI in Different Fields

AI in Different Fields

AI in Different Fields In this article, you will learn to know that How AI in different fields is used today! Where AI is Used Today? Here we will discuss what big things and fields of AI...
ai in healthcare

Concept of AI in Healthcare | AI and HealthCare

AI in Healthcare AI in Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence has transformed industries around the world and has the potential to revolutionize the field of healthcare. Artificial Intelligence is a general term in healthcare that refers...