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Human Intelligence Simulation via machines. Artificial Intelligence process data on the basics of information and decide situational decision using intelligence like human.

What is Cybernetics

Use of Cybernetics in Artificial Intelligence

What is Cybernetics ? ‘Cybernetics’ is a Greek word which means ‘the art of steering’. It is use to elaborate future goals of any object by taking necessary intelligent...

Kidney Transplant and Artificial Intelligence Technology

Kidney Transplant: The candidates of tissue and organ transplant mostly wait for a long time as the dangerous conditions with the passage of time. After a long time, if they are lucky...

White Collar Machines and AI: An Alarming Challenge

Introduction : Nowadays Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hot topic of every field which related to computer or science. In technologies AI is the most important part. The future...

Importance and Functions of Kernel in Machine Learning

What does the first thing come into your mind when you read or listen to the word kernel? In my mind, it’s a post in the army or as computer scientist its...
Technology towards AI assisstant

Technology towards Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Let's discuss Technology towards Artificial Intelligence. In this current era of technology and machines, artificial intelligence appears to influence human life with exponential growth. With the advancement of AI techniques in our...
Complex analysis of Robotics Surgery and Medical Science

Complex Analysis of Robotics Surgery and Medical Science

What is Robotic Surgery and Medical Science? Avoiding of physically touching a patient and operating remotely with minimally invasive methods are the features of robotic surgery. Robotics Surgery...

What is forgery? Why it is fraud?

Description: Forgery refers to faking a signature without permission, making a false document or making a duplicate image or every other item or changing a present report...

World of Post humanism and Artificial Intelligence

What is Posthumanism Post humanism and Artificial Intelligence in our world is dicussed rapidly. Post humanism which is an extended form of humanism can be said as human...
Expert system in Medical

Expert Systems for medical diagnosis

What are Expert Systems In artificial intelligence (AI), expert systems are defined as a supportive and reliable decision-making system. These systems compete with the decision-making ability of human intelligence....

Deadliest Approaches of Artificial Intelligence and LAWS

What are Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS) Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/cognitiveworld/2019/01/14/the-weaponization-of-artificial-intelligence/#2f57ff093686 You might have watched several movies where robotic army is fighting to...