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Person re-identification text to image


As human being, we all have 3 major aspects of life that make us more human than any other thing. That is past, present and future.

We live in the present, remembering past and hoping good for the future. But most of our present actions are greatly influenced by the past. Snapshots from a past memory of important events or objects reside in our brain to form a memory guide for the future.

What is a memory?

Memory is the mental record of past events or important objects based on our own experiences. Its ongoing process that involves the brain as processing and memory unit and other sensors like sight, smell, touch, etc as an input unit. As you experience the world around you, your brain decides which information needs to be saved. If you remembered everything you sensed every moment of the day, your brain would soon be so overloaded that you wouldn’t be able to function.

WAIT! This was not a biology blog then why are we discussing brain and memory in Artificial intelligence blog!!

We as human mimic nature and try to model things which already existed in this life.

Scientist painstakingly worked many years to mimic and copy brain but they are still far behind from clutching total capacity of it. They are working on many components which might sound absurd for many people but scientists have achieved and made systems which are really close to copying some of the human capabilities, like identifying objects from the camera, copying someone’s voice and even summarizing the whole scene in a short sentence. These systems work autonomously without any human aid and can help us all in many ways.

Places in Pakistan have many unexpected happenings where there were no witnesses to the crime scene found and security protocols didn’t perform as they were expected to do. Delay in response to such events caused huge loses, even with the surveillance of cameras and other identification protocols. The identity of a criminal was always found out to be oblivious and unknown even with such high security measures. Most of the time security assurance measures are more focused on manpower rather than using technology. Manpower approach is neither cost-effective, nor it doesnt provide ultimate security with same energy levels. With human error the probability of the security being exploited gets increased up.

Re-identification problem

Today’s problem that we are going to discuss is “Re-identification problem”. Which means you have to identify something and keep that identity in mind for the future. Person re-identification has always been a challenging task. In the last few decades, re-identification becomes a very problematic area for the re-searchers because tracking has been the major issue and re-identification makes it easy to track someone without having an eye over it, which reduces the human effort. This re-identification problem opens the door to many open problems which already existed. One of them is a surveillance problem to avoid any terrorist activity and avoid any life loses, this system might help substitute manpower with an autonomous system which works with the same energy levels 24/7 without any fatigue.

Person re-identification

This can be explained as a problem :-

  1. To spot a person from different images that have been taken from different cameras in distinct locations.
  2. Tracking down a person from different angles.

Challenges to be faced

Change in point of view and illuminating which create the two same images of the equal personalities to seem slightly distinctive and can create indistinguishable images of different persons. 


Scientists are already making better systems that work closer to perfection. Year after year there are so many improvements in systems that deal with alot of worldly problems with the help of AI(artificial intelligence). Already there are systems that surpass human intelligence and are used by many agencies to get maximum utilization of AI and Machines. Most common example of AI used is Google ads. Google ads target all those relatable ads to users accoriding to his or her taste.

Person Re-identification Applications

Person re-ID can be applied in public areas, such as theme park or malls, to protect someone special from a threat or find the lost child.

For example,

One child is lost in a mall. We have two methods to find him:

  1. If a child is lost and he does not carry a mobile phone(No GPS device), we can use the surveillance cameras around the park/campus to find him. This is what person re-identification do.
  2. It sees the person in one camera and keeps its track in the others as well.

To track down suspicious person in a building

  1. We can have a track on any suspicious person from different cameras at different locations.
  2. We can track any terrorist which is already in database from cameras inside the city.
  3. Having a check on him time to time ,where did he go and generating alarm if he is found doing any suspecious activity.

To keep track on pedestrian and manage crowd autonomously.

  1. Assigning identity to each of the person in video and keeping an eye on each of them.
  2. If a group of people start fighting , police is automatically called to the scene and the culprit who started the fight is identified by the system.


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